Le Haut Chocolat®
& some exceptional pralinés


Unique chocolate

The delicate art of blending is the core of our business. It’s a skilled balancing act that requires a careful hand and a great deal of creativity. It’s about finding the right combination of beans to bring out the aromatic potential of each, and establishing the perfect balance between bitterness and acidity to reveal a truly unique taste. Our master chocolate-maker combines a selection of beans to reveal a new harmony, in unique chocolates with a real signature taste, the taste of Weiss: Rounded, with toasted notes, and just the right amount of sweetness.


“Bean to Bar”

The expression “bean to bar” is all the rage in the world of chocolate at the moment, and Weiss is a leading proponent of this approach. It involves controlling the entire production process from the cacao tree right through to the finished product, and Weiss has been showing the way for more than 130 years.

That’s right. From cleaning the cacao beans to presenting fabulous chocolate bonbons in luxury boxes, everything happens in our chocolate factory in Saint-Etienne. Weiss chocolates are 100% made in France using our unique savoir-faire, which was rewarded in 2014 with the Living Heritage Company label (EPV), which recognizes French artisanal expertise.


Selecting noble ingredients

It’s common sense – you cannot make a good chocolate without good ingredients. Of course, we guarantee all our chocolates are made using 100% pure cocoa butter and all our pralinés are produced without palm oil, but we also apply similar standards to the other ingredients we use.

Our luxury cocoas are sourced from nine different locations, and the vanilla we use is the finest Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. We choose Valencia and Marcona almonds from Spain, Roman hazelnuts from Italy, and the finest white sesame from India. Every one of our ingredients is sourced and selected with the greatest care. We are constantly seeking the very best ingredients to widen out our flavor repertoire, to invent new chocolate pleasures, and to continually delight our customers.