A wonderful story

SINCE 1882

It all began in Saint-Étienne, a center for chocolate production. Our story is the story of Eugène Weiss, creator of the company and forerunner in the luxury chocolate trade. He discovered the art of creating pralinés and blending cocoa beans, which resulted in Le Haut Chocolat®.



Everything began in 1882 when Eugène Weiss, a young confectioner from Alsace, opened his boutique in Saint-Etienne, a center for confectionery. In the 1920s, this city was home to some 25 chocolate factories producing move than 10% of all chocolate in France.

How to describe this dear Eugène ?

Eugène was passionate about the strange alchemy of taste, that magical process that transforms cacao beans into luxury chocolate, and nuts into tasty praliné. Eugène Weiss was the son of a winemaker, but moved into the delicate art of blending cocoa beans, selecting those with the most promising aromatic profiles. He experimented with beans from different origins like his father did with his wines, to create new harmonies of tastes. 

His constant quest for the very best meant he was satisfied with nothing less than excellence, producing an extremely high quality product, Le Haut Chocolat®. His workshop became too cramped and he moved to a new factory in 1907, where he began to focus on a sector that had yet to be explored in Saint-Etienne: Producing luxury chocolates and selling to gourmet professionals. The pioneer of Le Haut Chocolat® he demonstrated an enormous capacity for creativity.



It has been possible to order Weiss chocolate from the comfort of one’s couch since 1912, the date when Weiss produced its first mail-order catalog! Granted, deliveries by horse were a little slower than by courier, but the strategy paid off and from then on, Weiss chocolate was available across the whole of France.



Weiss invents “Napolitains for traveling”, a new format for the first travel-sized chocolate.



Darker, darker, and darker still! In 1985, Weiss launches Ebène 72%, with the highest cocoa percentage available at the time. Since then, it has become our best seller for chocoholics, and has won the Ruban Bleu professional award from Intersuc.



Acarigua makes its debut, a bar with the crunch of roasted nibs and the punch of a dark chocolate. This indulgent creation was our first project co-developed with Parisian confectioner Michel Chaudun.

Weiss is proud of everything it has achieved in its history so far, and has no intention of stopping here, so watch this space – we have plenty more surprises up our sleeves !