Weiss Style


Usage centered Design

Design is all about adapting to function, making products that can be used intuitively and efficiently, and a perfect example of this is the bucket that holds our professional chocolate, well known by our artisan customers. It is resealable, perfectly protecting the chocolate from humidity and light, its esthetics serving its purpose.

Our commitment to design is as simple as listening to you, so that we can offer products and services that always fit perfectly with your habits, your needs, and your desires. It leads us to work on co-development projects with our clients, be they gourmet professionals or regular consumers, to create new products that fit.


A unique experience

Bonbons with little extra touches, cozy boutiques, sophisticated presentation boxes, a personalized welcome, advice and expertise – at Weiss, we pay particular attention to every detail to ensure your experience of Le Haut Chocolat® is a magical one!

And this special attention was recognized in 2011 with the Design Commerce Award from the CCI Loire, and the Welcome Trophy in 2014 and 2015 from the CCI in Strasbourg.


Because indulgence begins with what you see…

Playing with textures, materials, and colors, careful presentation, perfectly tied bows – each one of our selection boxes, sweet treats, or exceptional gifts is designed to be a beautiful and carefully though-out showcase.

Talented partners

Chosen for their creativity, technical skills, and rigor, our partners all share our quest for excellence. Whether they are carton manufacturers, designers, ribbon makers, or graphic designers, they bring our ideas to life, creating a unique world of refined elegance and carefully crafted inventiveness just for you – the world of Weiss.